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Anderson-Negele, a universal instrumentation company that provides hygienic instrumentation solutions and services for processors of food, beverage and biopharma products.

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ALVIM Srl provides innovative, high-tech solutions for biofilm and biofouling monitoring in industrial plants, regarding Legionella prevention, Food production and mineral water bottling are available

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Centec offer fully automated, skid-mounted process units and high precision measurement technology from a single source, whether it is a complete cold block for a brewery or a multiple-stage pharmaceutical water treatment regime

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One of the leading companies in inductive and capacitive technology, XECRO is able to produce the thinnest and shortest sensors, quad sensing distances, high pressure, high temperature resistant and ultra metal face proximity switches.

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Werne & Thiel sensortechnic provides products like: OLAS - Absorptiometry and density measurment, Moisture messuring Moisture messuring and Laboratory Moisture Analyzer

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bestUV offers a broad range of UV systems

bestUV is an innovative manufacturer of professional ultraviolet UV water treatment systems for industrial and communal markets. Its UV reactors are optimized with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

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LTM-2: The LTM probe is usually installed in flotation banks, flotation cells and in sumps (mill and concentrate) to supply consistent yet accurate pulp level measurement. Instek Control provides best-practice explanations of proper probe installations including both flotation and sump monitoring applications. Visit LTM-2 Website or download LTM-2 Brochure

LTM-2 Probe



Bio-Pharma Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry
process reliability and
hygiene are top priority



Reliably sensors make a major
contribution to preventing
quality fluctuations


Food and Beverage

Suitable sensors with hygienic
design and automated yeast
harvesting using turbidity sensors


Dairy Industry

Sensors employed in the
separation, homogenization
and pasteurization phases



Accurate pulp level
measurement in flotation
banks, cells and in sumps


Instek Control Introduction

Instek Control Introduction
  • 1. Instek Control was formed in 2007

    Instek Control was formed in 2007 and are currently Instek Control distribute the following product ranges in Sub Saharan Africa: Anderson-Negele, Alvim, Aflowt, Xecro, Centec and Werne & Thiel and has become a very focused supplier of process instrumentation and processing equipment.
  • 2. Distributor for Anderson-Negele

    Since inception, Instek Control has been the Distributor for Anderson-Negele products in Africa.
  • 3. Sole worldwide distributor for LTM

    In 2010 Instek Control acquired the rights to be the sole worldwide distributor for the LTM level probe used for level measurement in the mining and related industries.
  • 4. 2013 acquired additional rights

    In 2013 Instek Control acquired the distribution rights in Southern Africa for Centec products and Werne & Thiel sensortechnic products. In 2014 Instek Control acquired the distribution for XECRO.
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Instek Control offers various Instrumentation and Process Skids

Anderson-Negele | Food processing, beverage processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Anderson-Negele, Internationally known for their innovations in hygienic product design and setting a high standard in food processing, beverage processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Negele is represented in Southern Africa by Instek Control cc since 2007, the name Anderson-Negele has become synonymous with high quality and reliable food and pharmaceutical grade Instrumentation. With Pioneering Instrumentation in Level, Temperature, Conductivity, Turbidity and Magnetic flow measurement Anderson-Negele is setting a standard in the Instrumentation and Process Measuring Industry in Food and Pharmaceutical Production Environments worldwide. High accuracy in measurement and specific control parameters ensure that customers always know their control parameters and are able to measure and control within specified parameters.


Centec | Instrumentation and Process Skids for the Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry

Centec GmbH, represented by Instek Control in Southern Africa offers various Instrumentation and Process Skids for the Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry. Instrumentation Offered include Alcohol Monitoring, Carbonation and Nitrogenization measurement, Dissolved Oxygen Measurement, homogenous CO₂ injection. Engineering units that can be measured include °Plato, °Brix, mass %, vol.%, g/l CO₂, % O₂.

Centec is also well known for process skids in the beverage and pharmaceutical industries that include Aeration, De-Aeration, Carbonation, Nitrogenation, Ionization, Additive Dosing, Blending and Mixing, CIP, SIP, De-Alcoholization, Hops Handling, Flash Pasteurization, Product Sterile Filtration, Pure Steam Generation, Water for Injection, Water Purification and Yeast Pitching.

Numerous Projects involving De-Aeration, Mixing and Blending, Aeration and Yeast Propagation have been realized in Southern Africa with Centec process skids


Alvim | Real-time monitoring of bacterial growth on the inside of process lines

The Alvim Biofilm monitoring system offers real-time monitoring of bacterial growth on the inside of process lines. The system monitors only Bacterial Biofilm and not generic fouling, which gives a true reflection of the process condition. This allows the optimization of Biofilm hindering treatments utilized to counter act Biofilm growth essentially saving large amounts of money directly in chemical savings.

The Alvim Biofilm monitoring sensor is available in a standard probe, a hygienic version with Varivent fitting and recently released in an ATEX version. Installation and Operation is simple with either a 4-20mA signal output or RS485/ Modbus.

Biofilm contributes to product fouling, efficiency deterioration of processes and heat exchangers and is extremely to control as Biofilm can carry bacteria which can lead to diseases such as Legionella and Cholera. By utilization of an Online real time system, quick response to Biofilm growth can ensure maximized process uptime. Applications are numerous in the Food processing, mining, marine and chemical Industries.


Xecro | Producers of Proximity Sensing Products

Xecro an innovative sensor company are producers Proximity Sensing Products with high quality and exceptional attributes which includes much longer sensing ranges, high temperature proximity sensors, full metal body sensors, ultra metal face sensors, high pressure sensing face proximity sensors. Products included in the Xecro Product portfolio include touch push buttons, programmable LED lights, light towers all programmable from your integrated control system.

Represented by Instek Control in South Africa, Xecro offers the Proximity sensor and Push Button market with the latest trends in sensing technology. German manufactured with the highest quality standards, the Xecro product range setting a new bench mark when it comes to reliability and quality at an extremely fair price to market component.


LTM Probes in Flotation Banks, Tanks, Columns and Sumps

Normally installed in flotation banks, individual flotation cells or in columns and sumps the LTM probes provide consistent and accurate pulp level measurement. Conductive pulp level monitoring by the LTM-2 probe technology reduces the complication of slurry level interface monitoring considerably under a wide range of froth and flotation conditions. Download the LTM-2 Product Brochure here (pdf-format)

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Instrumentation and processing:
Measurement of temperature, conductivity, pressure, flow, turbidity, continuous level, bacterial biofilm, O2, CO2, alcohol volume, brix, density and point level. proximity sensors, panel push buttons and moisture measurement.


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